• Warehousing

    Correctly configured systems every time, quickly available consumable materials and spare parts in the ideal quantity and quality, perfectly timed promotional and seasonal goods – companies’ and consumers’ expectations with regard to smooth and seamless supply security pose major challenges in terms of warehousing.

    LPR’s warehousing solution intelligently overcomes these: it enables efficient inventory management that is not only flexible enough to fulfil a broad range of individual requirements but also raises the bar with regard to cost effectiveness. Our warehousing options are based on our nationwide logistics network with a central warehouse in Neuss plus 30 other depots. With the support of powerful IT systems, direct connections to customer databases and electronic shipment tracking we are able to guarantee optimum transparency, speed and reliability – thereby striking the complex balance between cost effectiveness and supply security.

    The LPR service range covers all key aspects relating to future-oriented warehousing concepts, progressive small parts management and efficient picking, packing and labelling systems. The services are all subject to stringent quality management procedures.

    Why choose us?

    Optimised warehousing

    Efficient warehouse management processes guarantee optimum goods flows.

    Customised warehousing options

    High-performance IT systems with links to databases enable storage concepts for individual needs.

    Transparency and efficiency

    LPR’s technology solutions enable constant monitoring of processes and high efficiency.

    Stringent quality management

    An uncompromising commitment to quality based on measurable criteria results in greater customer satisfaction.

  • Multi-User Warehouse

    LPR multi-warehouse solutions use the potential offered by our distribution centres, which are strategically located throughout Germany and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They therefore allow fast, efficient and intelligently organised processes, which in turn enable our customers to optimise their volume flows. Depending on the type and volume of goods, we can use customised services to meet your warehousing requirements. On request, we will also combine the warehousing solution with other LPR service options.

  • Stock Management

    Intelligent stock management is a prerequisite for sustainable company success. LPR’s logistics specialists help you optimise your requirements planning, stock and procurement activities – with the aim of reducing warehouse stocks, improving services and increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Spare Parts Management

    LPR’s process-experienced logistics experts help you improve the efficiency of your spare parts management. With the aid of advanced IT systems, they develop solutions that optimise quantities, reduce storage and production costs and increase quality, adherence to deadlines and therefore customer satisfaction.

  • Online Shop

    The LPR online shop service enables our customers to tap into an additional distribution channel and offer their end customers a new and convenient way to place orders. We generate a customised online shop in line with customer requirements, which is directly and simultaneously connected to both our own and the customer’s ERP system. This enables your end customers to directly place orders via the LPR shop. LPR assumes responsibility for the entire delivery process, right to the destination address, as well as the complete invoicing process.

  • RMA Management

    Entrust your goods return processes to the pros at LPR. Our process-oriented returns concepts are based on decades of experience and help to speed up procedures and eliminate error sources.