• Repair-Center

    Modern office technologies, IT systems and medical technology place major demands on repair companies. Despite this, it is often cheaper to repair devices than to instantly replace them.

    The LPR repair centre offers a time and cost-saving alternative: the central workshop in Neuss houses an expert team with the necessary knowledge and ability to conduct even complicated and highly technical repairs at circuit board level. The decisive strength of our Neuss repair centre lies in its harmonious integration into LPR’s intelligent logistics services and servicing activities. This avoids unnecessary transport movements and the entire process chain (e.g. the conditioning of collected devices, the dispatch of functional components from the LPR warehouse and RMA processing) takes place under one roof. This eliminates additional interfaces between upstream and downstream logistics activities or on-site services provided by LPR engineers. In addition, the process complexity is reduced, throughput times are shortened and costs are minimised.

    The LPR repair service has been used by not only corporate clients but also specialist retailers and end customers for many years.

    In addition to repairs, the repair centre also conducts tasks such as the pre-configuration or conditioning of devices, device inspections and warranty services.

    Why choose us?

    Time savings

    The LPR repair centre in Neuss offers optimum efficiency and extremely short throughput times.

    Convenient deliveries

    Customers can send defective devices to LPR or use the pick-up and drop-off service.

    Quality and efficiency

    The LPR repair engineers have excellent and up-to-date expertise as well as access to the optimally equipped spare parts warehouse that physically adjoins the repair centre.

    Performance of other services

    The range of services offered by the LPR repair centre also includes the pre-configuration and conditioning of devices, device inspections, warranty services and services after the warranty has expired.

  • Repairs

    Our service engineers in the Neuss repair centre have outstanding expertise. For example, our product specialists are familiar with all standard technologies and have access to an integrated spare parts warehouse supplied in line with the strict quality standards for LPR logistics. Technology in need of repair can be sent to the repair centre directly. On request, we will also collect faulty devices directly from their place of use and return them there once they have been repaired.

  • Pre-configuration

    In the LPR repair centre, devices of all kinds can be pre-configured for use in a customer’s company. Within the scope of this service, for example, replacement products can be configured in such a way in Neuss that they are instantly ready for use as desired on installation at the customer. The same applies to rollouts of large numbers of devices. The LPR service team will perform the transportation and set-up tasks on request.

  • Warranty and After Warranty Expiration

    Based on the contract, the LPR repair centre will conduct all warranty services for the broadest range of devices and warranty agreements. Our service team will furthermore look after devices after the warranty has expired in accordance with individually agreed service levels.

  • Conditioning

    Our repair centre not only repairs but also conditions devices. This makes it possible to continue using medical technology equipment, for example. LPR’s logistics and servicing activities include collection, conditioning and delivery. The link to our technical logistics services reduces the number of transport movements and the administrative workload. This means that after any replacement, the faulty device can be conditioned at LPR and then stored until the next job.

  • Technical Inspections

    The LPR engineers conduct several legally required technical inspections in the Neuss repair centre. In doing so, they determine all relevant operating data. If deviations from the required values are found, the maintenance or repair work can be instantly conducted on site.