• Day-Time-Express & Value Added Services

    Modern logistics usually involves more than just transporting goods from A to B. LPR defines logistics services as modular holistic services, which start with the simple act of transportation (pick-up and drop-off) and extend to a broad range of additional services of all kinds and complexities. We want to be an intelligent, cooperative service partner that effectively helps our customers optimally conduct their core business processes.

    Our transport services, which use Day-Time and On-Time-Express services to meet all customer needs, are designed to optimally support the business processes in modern companies: our extensive range of services is characterised by flexibility, responsiveness, customer orientation, complete reliability and delivery quality. For example, LPR customers benefit from next-day-delivery options closely tailored to their processes.

    In addition to pure courier services, LPR’s strengths also lie in an array of additional services, which create clear added value and enable customers to focus all of their resources on their core business – including, for example, working with us to develop new services.

    LPR furthermore takes on a wide array of processes and activities that do not form part of customers’ core business areas or that would tie up large amounts of expertise or resources. Examples include the management of lease and demonstration equipment, the rollout and rollback of products and solutions or recycling processes.

    Why choose us?

    next-day-delivery options

    Convenient next-day-delivery options enable time-critical goods and products to be optimally supplied.

    Innovation and individuality

    LPR can convert potential for optimisation identified on site into new, customised services.

    Numerous service options

    The LPR specialists reliably take responsibility for processes and actions that require a great deal of time and resources in a customer-oriented manner.

  • Smart Courier

    The LPR Express Service is based on the intelligent combination of highly qualified staff, an ultra-modern fleet and high-performance IT. Collections, transport movements and deliveries, the installation and uninstallation of equipment on site and other such services are all linked by thoroughly transparent processes. Electronic procedures simplify and speed up all processes (e.g. the completion of the accompanying documents using scans), while state-of-the-art track & trace technologies provide permanent status updates. This makes it possible to conduct even more complex tasks such as equipment swaps (replacement and return of defective or old devices) quickly and reliably: the LPR couriers replace, install, package and label equipment, check functions and transport the goods to repair workshops or returns warehouses.

  • Lease Equipment Management

    Outstanding technical expertise and state-of-the-art IT systems make the LPR specialists the ideal partner for managing lease equipment. The transportation, installation, monitoring, uninstallation and support are organised as a thoroughly transparent process that can be conducted quickly, securely and reliably.

  • Rollout and Rollback

    Rollout and rollback activities require ultimate precision when coordinating sites as well as outstanding expertise with regard to transportation and installation processes. Thanks to our excellent technological skills and equipment coupled with our strategically positioned hubs and depots, we are able to quickly, precisely and reliably conduct rollouts and rollbacks for even complex infrastructures (e.g. involving laptops, printers or coffee machines).

  • Demo Management

    Transporting, installing and uninstalling demonstration set-ups, as well as providing related advice and support, are among the many highly demanding logistics services offered by LPR. We work in close cooperation with customers to transparently and reliably organise and conduct all associated processes. An online tool specially developed for this purpose supports your sales team and ensures seamless stock transparency throughout all process steps.

  • Haulage Management

    Our decades of experience organising logistics services makes us the ideal partner for customers who want to entrust their haulage activities to a reliable and professional service provider. If you need to organise the transportation of packages and parcels, partial or complete loads, LPR’s extensive partner network will get your haulage project done quickly, flexibly and professionally.

  • Recycling

    As specialists in the replacement of technologies, we also make the ideal partner for the recycling of defective or old equipment. LPR flexibly and reliably conducts all disposal and recycling-related processes, including the fulfilment of legal requirements such as the creation of documentation and disposal notices. In doing so, we work in close cooperation with certified specialist disposal companies.

  • Time Options

    To offer our customers customised and reliable services, LPR has developed attractive time options to meet all requirements. The pick-up and drop-off jobs – whether same day or next day – are conducted using the extensive LPR network and our decentralised sites with various different time frames available for selection. These range from standard business hours to a four-hour interval – all the way through from Monday to Saturday.